Our AI and ML applications maximize the discovery of business intelligence for fast, reliable, and actionable insights that can increase the profitability of your business.
  • Revenue Generators

    Optimize business-critical processes and discover new sources of income.

  • Forecasting

    Correctly estimate future events based on historic data.

  • Automation

    Autonomously manage business-critical processes.

  • Predictive Modeling

    Without any specific historic data point, properly predict specific behavior.

  • credit decisions

    Remove bias and perform truly accurate underwriting.

  • chat bots

    Extend your brand experience into your communication channels.

  • performance tracking

    Polish how you measure success.

  • Image & Video Analysis

    Identify the content and intention of an image, video or text.

We help companies leverage AI and ML applications
to optimize their business operations.

Powerful business solutions using AI/ML

By combining insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business knowledge and industry expertise, we help our clients exceed their expectations.

Augmenting Human Labor

We enhance the capabilities of a company’s workforce to do more with less by leveraging cloud computing advantages. Our services enable the workforce to focus on revenue generating tasks and avoid mundane and repetitive processes.

Our work includes:

Database Management and Optimization
ETL Processes for Ingesting Data
Visual Dashboards
Alerts and Notifications
Analytics and Business Intelligence
Human Labelers

automation and optimization

We use the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning models to optimize business-critical tasks and functions. Then, we automate the whole process, eliminating the need for unnecessary expenditures.

Our work includes:

Predictions and Forecasts
Sentiment Assessment
Text Extraction
Image, Video and Text Analysis
Transcribe and Translate
AI Chat Bots


We understand that very complex problems require customized and unique solutions. Our team is ready to build, train and deploy custom models for the most challenging problems an organization may face.

Our work includes:

Predictions and Forecasts
Revenue Generators
Customized AI/ML Model
DFX5 Labs (R & D Team)

DFX-5 clients span a full range of industries, providing subject matter expertise that adds value to your organization.

AI powered by AWS

See how MLB’s Statcast use AI powered by AWS can actually predict the chance of success if a runner attempts to steal a base by analyzing thousands of data points per second in real time. Watch this postseason to see it in action.