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When we talk about security, we need to take into consideration multiple perspectives, services, and domains. Thanks to our guiding AWS shared responsibility model <hyperlink to AWS web page>, a tool used by the largest organizations around the world, our customers can trust and rely on the security of the cloud. At DFX5, we implement secure standards with access controls, firewalls, and active monitoring. Our solutions apply the best in class security standards of the AWS infrastructure, which are regularly tested and updated by the strictest independent auditors. In the shared responsibility model, customers (you) are responsible for multiple aspects of the security in the cloud. Imagine you have a safe to protect valuables, regardless of how secure the safe, if you leave the door open, others can easily enter. Cloud security works in a similar fashion, at DFX5 we configure your security, provision the necessary services, manage users, and control overall access, so you do not have to worry about your shared responsibility. Learn more about our services with the following security focused aspects of the AWS cloud.

At DFX5 we provide simple to use and follow frameworks that are adaptable to solve the most complex enterprise security requirement. The process begins with the Cloud Governance Framework (CGF) which setups an overall governance playbook. The CGF is a unique methodology developed by the AWS certified team of DFX5 to provide a comprehensive set of domain controls to administer a proper and safe usage of all cloud services. The CGF is an iterative process that continues to optimize cloud usage and diminish costs. We support you at every step of your CGF journey to the cloud.

Why Choose DFX5?

DFX5 is a global company with offices in Miami, Prague, and San Juan. Focused on technology consulting, DFX5 specializes in the use of innovative solutions, offered by Amazon Web Services. The DFX5 team is composed of cloud experts who are certified as Solutions Architects, Professionals, and Specialists in fields like Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, and more.

DFX5 delivers best-in-class solutions following best-practices and well-architected frameworks. Our proven success with Fortune 500 companies around the world is a testament to the utmost commitment we have with our clients. At DFX5 we are honored that our clients bestow upon us the confidence to manage their technology infrastructure. We are emboldened to continue growing and expanding our services following our proven methodologies.

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